AppSec Checklist 

Is you security in-need of a lifeline?

When it comes to data breaches these days, it’s more accurate to ask how much data hasn’t been stolen than ask the total count of what has. And with world events like the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber-attacks have only increased in frequency and potency, with increasingly vulnerable targets.

This is something we have all known for a while: security is no longer optional, and our focus must be a pre-emptive strike. In the past, software security was the job of a very particular bunch of geeks who had little interaction with developers writing the code. It was AppSec’s role to point out flaws in the code, and tell the developer who slaved over it that their baby was ugly.

Fast-forward to today and the situation is much the same, but as the stakes are so much higher, security must become everyone's responsibility.

Download the AppSec checklist and see if you’re in need of a security lifeline.