Cybersecurity Executive Order: A deliberate approach to improve software security with developer skills

The Biden Administration’s recent Executive Order (EO) announcement, addressing the US government’s plan to harden federal networks and improve cybersecurity standards across the nation, follows two recent, devastating cyberattacks: the ongoing supply-chain breach from SolarWinds, in addition to the Colonial Pipeline gas infrastructure attack. The US is not the only country or government facing scrutiny over cybersecurity resilience, with Ireland’s Department of Health experiencing two targeted attacks in recent months, and Brazil’s Ministry of Health disclosing that in 2020, over 243 million records were exposed in a data leak, as a result of poor software development practices.

While these events undoubtedly caused major disruption and high risk, this US government directive – which potentially paves the path for other governments to follow suit - marks a much-needed shift in how we, collectively, approach software security. Whilst the EO touches on many aspects of functional cybersecurity, it specifically outlines, for the first time, the impact of developers, and the need for them to have verified security skills and awareness.

Explore this all-new white paper to learn more about how the Executive Order is poised to reshape the way we approach development, and verifying developer skills. You will learn:

  • Why developers are key to achieving a new standard of modern software security best practices
  • How you can engage developers on their terms, with upskilling options that help to make secure coding second-nature
  • How to navigate security at speed, when software is eating the world.


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