Upskill From Dev to DevSec: Download the five-point tactical guide for secure developers

Waterfall, Agile, DevOps... it seems that every few years, a new methodology is born for optimum software creation within an organization. While these processes all have their strengths and weaknesses, the streamlining (and, er, previously absent red tape) they bring can feel like somewhat of a hindrance to the main goal of the developer: building kick-ass features.

However, with zero-day breaches from common vulnerabilities on the rise, teams must adapt to a more secure SDLC that starts left, and it's DevSecOps that can make it a reality.

Learn how you, the developer, can become a powerful piece of the DevSecOps pipeline, without compromising the work you love most, all while upskilling and become an even more sought-after engineer in the process.


Uplift your secure code skills systematically with 100% hands-on training in how to spot and fix vulnerabilities, in your choice of programming language and frameworks.

Build upon your experiences and skillset with the Secure Code Warrior skills platform and move beyond passive recall to active application of your knowledge. This unique preventative approach will help make security an intrinsic part of your thought process and workflow to produce quality software - fast!