Whitepaper: Empowering developers to write secure code

As security teams well know, too often, cybersecurity is seen by fast-moving organizations as an expensive obstacle to innovation. The drive to keep up with the unrelenting pace of business can mean that secure coding is pushed to the backburner, with security managers stretched and stressed across too many developers, and with most of the budget focus spent on finding and fixing problems after the code has been written.

This whitepaper showcases how building a security culture in your organization is key to unlocking innovation, staying agile and reducing the financial impact of insecure code, with tips including:

  • How to make security training relevant and engaging for developers
  • How to teach developers to identify and fix their own issues


Uplift your secure code skills systematically with 100% hands-on training in how to spot and fix vulnerabilities, in your choice of programming language and frameworks.

Build upon your experiences and skillset with the Secure Code Warrior skills platform and move beyond passive recall to active application of your knowledge. This unique preventative approach will help make security an intrinsic part of your thought process and workflow to produce quality software - fast!