Mimmit Koodaa Secure Coding Tournament

Improve your secure coding skills by registering for the Mimmit Koodaa Secure Coding tournament running from 19th February until 25th February. 

The tournament allows you to compete against the other participants in a series of challenges that ask you to identify a problem, locate insecure code, and fix a vulnerability. All challenges are based on the OWASP Top 10, and players can choose between a range of software languages. 

Throughout the tournament, players earn points and watch as they climb to the top of the leader board. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers and everyone will receive tailored, personal and private feedback on their performance to help them improve in the future.

Prepare yourself for the tournament and get ahead of the game by accessing the on-demand training platform from now until the end of the tournament.

How to Join the tournament

- Simply complete the form and we will send information with the next steps and your link to join the tournament.

- Entry to the tournament is free!

- The tournament is run virtually so you can join through your laptop from the most convenient location and time. We normally recommend an hour or two to complete all of the challenges.

- You can find tournament step-by-step guide here: SCW Tournament Guide

- Winners will be announced once the tournament has finished by email.

- This is a Mimmit Koodaa tournament only. Entries from outside Mimmit Koodaa may be removed.