The preventative, developer-driven approach to software security

Learn more about how security-aware developers represent a vast and largely untapped resource that can support cyber defenses by consistently standing against modern threats

The focus on automation, tooling and reactive responses to cyber threats can no longer stand alone against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, where attackers are also employing advanced tools to successfully breach even the most protected networks and systems. What is needed is a developer-driven approach to software security, with security-skilled developers who are incentivized and regularly trained to become a vital part of an organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

Only a balanced defense using tools, automation and highly trained people can provide a pathway for long-term success in today’s increasingly threat-laden digital environment.

Explore this all-new white paper to learn more about:

  • How cybersecurity measures and priorities in critical infrastructure have influenced other industries
  • Why the "cybersecurity skills gap" is impossible to close with the current approach (and what can be done instead)
  • Effective ways to blend a people-focused security approach, with tools that make a difference.


Uplift your secure code skills systematically with 100% hands-on training in how to spot and fix vulnerabilities, in your choice of programming language and frameworks.

Build upon your experiences and skillset with the Secure Code Warrior skills platform and move beyond passive recall to active application of your knowledge. This unique preventative approach will help make security an intrinsic part of your thought process and workflow to produce quality software - fast!