Supercharged security awareness: How tournaments are inspiring developers at Erste Group

Erste Group holds its place in history as the first Austrian savings bank, founded in 1819. Today, they are one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with over 16 million customers and 45,000 staff across seven countries. As an organization that is no stranger to moving with the times, their comprehensive digital capabilities place them among the top European banks, and of course, their emphasis on cybersecurity best practices makes
them a brand customers trust.

Explore this comprehensive case study to learn more about how they utilized Secure Code Warrior's tournaments to engage developers, increase awareness, and hone secure coding skills across the business. You will learn:

  • How Erste Group navigated training across different languages and frameworks, as well as different skill levels
  • How secure coding tournaments helped with security awareness and team building
  • How their curated learning pathways assisted in meeting compliance and achieving business goals.


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