Coders Conquer Security: Your battle ground to defeat the OWASP Top 10 

It’s time to secure your code and dominate the OWASP Top 10.

The ten most common security vulnerabilities don’t stand a chance against secure development superheroes like you. This free eBook is your ultimate field guide to understanding each infamous entry in the OWASP Top 10 2017, gaining insight into how each bug operates.

You’ll see why they’re so dangerous and, most importantly, how you can banish every one of them from your software forever. As an added bonus, this guide is fully interactive, with links to videos as well as our gamified training platform where you can test your skills using real-world code examples.

Are you ready for your next secure coding conquest?


Uplift your secure code skills systematically with 100% hands-on training in how to spot and fix vulnerabilities, in your choice of programming language and frameworks.

Build upon your experiences and skillset with the Secure Code Warrior skills platform and move beyond passive recall to active application of your knowledge. This unique preventative approach will help make security an intrinsic part of your thought process and workflow to produce quality software - fast!