The future of security through developer productivity and enablement

Session 1 - October 12th, 10AM AEST (Sydney)
Session 2 - October 12th, 2PM BST (London)
Session 3 - October 12th, 3PM ET (New York)

In the United States alone, there are an estimated one million cybersecurity professionals currently engaged in the workforce, however, skilled-up talent to cover over 700,000 job vacancies remains elusive. The insatiable demand for software - coupled with advancing compliance and regulatory requirements - has put significant pressure on organizations as they scramble to close the gap. The good news is that viable help is far closer than it may appear.

Security-aware developers are worth their weight in gold, and when properly trained, can thwart common vulnerabilities before they rear their ugly heads in committed code. However, with just 14% of developers prioritizing security in the software they write, organizations need to address the barriers to effective training - not to mention poor internal security culture - if they are to succeed.

In this webinar, Secure Code Warrior CEO & Co-Founder Pieter Danhieux will take a deep dive into the issues preventing developer security enablement, and how Secure Code Warrior can help you build a security-focused culture, invest in your developers, and recruit and retain top talent.

You will learn:

  • How to break down barriers and build bridges between the security and development teams
  • How to instill a security-first mindset in developers and make positive cultural change
  • The right tools and flexible, diverse education methods to drive successful developer enablement and a significant reduction in code-level vulnerabilities.