Product Talk: Coding Labs

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Here at Secure Code Warrior - we believe that developers need different ways to learn. It’s been said that 40% of developers think their training isn’t hands-on enough. That’s why we are ecstatic to announce that Coding Labs is live, helping you to bring next-level learning to developer-driven secure coding.

Coding Labs coaches developers with:

  • Hands-on learning and in-context feedback - Coding Labs brings developers closer to how they address vulnerabilities in the real world, engaging them in an in-browser IDE that gives intuitive guidance and feedback as they code.
  • A more advanced way to learn - Coding Labs helps you cater to diverse skill sets within our flexible, tiered learning model. Developers can start with the simpler guided walk-throughs and videos, then advance to Missions and our new Coding Labs. Choose between self-paced learning or create customized curriculums.

Coding Labs is like a personal coach for developers to work through a new vulnerability with approachable, guided training - eventually working their way up to more challenging and hands-on experience.

Join our Product Talk to see Coding Labs in action, and learn how Secure Code Warrior’s industry-proven, flexible, and tiered approach to learning can help improve developer security maturity.