Build a security course that is actually relevant...

The more relevant training is to your everyday practices, the more likely you are to engage, right?

The same can be said when it comes to security training for developers, the more the training is created to fit around the languages and frameworks that they use and the vulnerabilities that they see time-and-time again, the more open a developer will be to take part.


Built to meet the needs of your organization, Courses are guided learning pathways with language: framework-specific modules.

Each learning module is a collection of activities including video content and interactive challenges, which enable developers to learn secure coding skills and awareness.

How can Courses help developers?

  • Targets the vulnerabilities and languages in their landscape
  • Ship code faster due to the reduction in recurring vulnerabilities
  • Provides a guided learning path based on the security goals of the organization

How can Courses help your organization?

  • Build a Secure Coding Posture
  • Reduce recurring vulnerabilities
  • Help achieve compliance
  • Maximize software release velocity

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