Software is your colleague: A new perspective to strengthen access control and API security

APIs act like flawed humans; is treating them as such the key to better cybersecurity?


In the wake of near-constant cyber threats, most organizations are tightening their access controls to harden their cyber defense. Besides being a core component to advanced protections like zero trust, access control problems are the number one exploited vulnerability. But while many companies are implementing better access controls for their human users, APIs holding critical credentials are often overlooked, and frequently targeted.


Better security requires treating APIs like human users to protect against their inherent flaws and vulnerabilities. And the developer community is uniquely positioned to lead that effort.


Explore this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Why we need to rethink the position of software in the organizational hierarchy
  • How developers can be enabled to navigate the many API security pitfalls that threat actors are relying on
  • Effective ways to blend a people-focused security approach, with tools that make a difference.

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