Tuesday, September 13th
12:00PM ET / 9:00AM PT

5:00PM BST / 6:00PM CET
We know these times may not suit everyone, so if you'd like to listen to the webinar at a more sociable hour please register and we'll send you a recording.

Join us for a discussion with Neil Schloth, a VP of AppSec in the Financial Services industry, as he discusses the powerful way that Saltworks and Secure Code Warrior work in tandem to continually reduce potential code vulnerabilities in his organization. 

In this session, you'll hear the role of each organization and how the combination of monitoring vulnerabilities and upskilling developers keeps the sensitive payments and transaction data of this Financial Services company stored in a safe and secure manner. By harnessing the power of the integration between Secure Code Warrior’s best-in-class training programs with the aggregation, analysis, and reporting tools of Saltworks, learn how a business can constantly improve coding practices and reduce vulnerabilities to their software and systems.

At the intersection of these great organizations is where your business can harness best-in-class vulnerability management, and this webinar will discuss how each work in harmony to raise the capacity of development teams while lowering the overall risk for the organization. Register today to understand better how you make the elimination of vulnerabilities more of a reality with your AppSec teams.

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