How to unify your security and development teams to stand together against security risk

Do you find yourself thinking about all of the work you could achieve if you could free up your time from finding, reporting, and fixing the same recurring software vulnerabilities?

As a security professional, reporting security flaws within applications is part of your job. The issue is that often times those flaws are swiftly fixed by the development team without taking the time to learn how the issue occurred in the first place or how to avoid it in the future, meaning you find yourself re-living the same scenario without any improvement in sight

This guide will help you implement a culture within your organization that puts security at the forefront of development in order to:

  • Avoid the unnecessary strain of dealing with repeat vulnerabilities.
  • Empower developers to code securely.
  • Comply with industry regulations and frameworks such as PCI DSS and NIST.


Uplift your secure code skills systematically with 100% hands-on training in how to spot and fix vulnerabilities, in your choice of programming language and frameworks.

Build upon your experiences and skillset with the Secure Code Warrior skills platform and move beyond passive recall to active application of your knowledge. This unique preventative approach will help make security an intrinsic part of your thought process and workflow to produce quality software - fast!