One culture of security:

Build up your security champions with agile secure code learning

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Organizations looking to upskill their developers to build security skills will need to pivot their strategy to keep pace with the fast-moving compliance and security landscape of today. Developers want to learn, but traditional compliance training of the past doesn’t have a measurable impact on reducing risk, improving their security posture, and engaging developers to improve their skills. Developers need agile secure code learning that is not boring and disruptive to their workflow and matches their experience level in the languages and tools they use every day.

Join us as we hear from Madeline Howard, People-Centered Security Lead at Sage, about how she embarked on a multi-year journey to establish a singular security culture by partnering with Secure Code Warrior. Madeline has been the driver of the secure code learning program that has reduced time to remediate and decreased vulnerabilities significantly over time. She will be accompanied by James Hodgson, Associate Application Security Specialist, who will walk us through how the skills he learned through Secure Code Warrior paved the way for him to become a Security Champion and then a key member of the Application Security team.

Discover how Madeline implemented best practices in building a secure code learning program, learn the do's and don'ts of a secure code learning program, and see the business and financial impacts including productivity gained and time saved.

In the webinar, you will learn firsthand:

  • The value of building up your security champions
  • How to create one culture in which security is at the heart
  • How agile secure code learning can measurably reduce vulnerabilities