Security as culture: How Blue Prism cultivates world-class secure developers

Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise; an exciting tech company creating cutting-edge software and tools that help organizations stay agile, efficient and competitive. For two decades, they’ve ensured that some of the world’s best and most groundbreaking companies can innovate at speed while helping them meet global and business challenges. Now Blue Prism is rapidly maturing into the next phase of its operations.

Maria Morris, a senior application security engineer at Blue Prism, is working on the front lines to maintain their enviable, first-class security program.

Explore this comprehensive case study to learn more about how they utilized Secure Code Warrior's Tournaments, Learning Platform, and Courses, to:

  • Further engage their security-aware developers
  • Continue to support their positive, security-first culture
  • Achieve business goals in compliance, and performing security best practices at speed.

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