Tuesday, August 30th
12PM ET / 9AM PT

August 30th, 5PM BST / 6PM CET
We know these times may not suit everyone, so if you'd like to listen to the webinar at a more sociable hour please register and we'll send you a recording.

Secure Code Warrior's goal is to embed security into developers' workflow, assisting them to rise to the challenge of creating a higher standard of code quality. The current culture around the role of the developer in security best practices is, in most organizations, limited at best. However, with true developer enablement - implemented in a way that makes sense in their world - organizations can ignite a passion for cyber defense through secure coding, maximizing developers' productivity and code quality.

Join this session to hear from Matt Wilson, Sr Project Manager and Stefania Chaplin, Solutions Architect from GitLab, and Vikram Ghosh of Secure Code Warrior about the capabilities available to developers on GitLab's DevOps Platform, supporting a developer-led security approach.

During this session, attendees will be able to grasp security as more than an afterthought, but an active part of the software development life cycle. Additionally, topics such as organizational support, the empowerment of developers, and the contextualizing of relevant and real-time training all will be covered in great detail; with a short demonstration of these tools in action.

Register today and save your spot to hear the numerous benefits of the partnership between GitLab and Secure Code Warrior when it comes to consistent, applicable, and targeted security training.

Both Secure Code Warrior and GitLab can be found on the AWS Marketplace!

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